January 23-24 2014, UPMC, Paris, France

Selected Contributions

Selected Presentations (book of abstracts)

A fast homotopy algorithm for a large class of weighted classification problems and application to phylogeny (pdf)
Chiquet Julien, Rigaill Guillem, Gutierrez Pierre

Multi-trait genomic selection via multivariate regression with structured regularization (pdf)
Chiquet Julien, Robin Stéphane, Mary-Huard Tristan

Identifying Differentially Expressed Proteins by a Binary Threshold Model (pdf)
Gibb Sebastian, Strimmer Korbinian

Testing for Associations between Loci and Environmental Gradients Using Latent Factor Mixed Models (pdf)
Frichot Eric, Schoville Sean, Bouchard Guillaume, François Olivier

Evolution of Codon Usage Bias in E. coli (pdf)
Pouyet Fanny, Bailly-Bechet Marc, Guéguen Laurent

A New Gene-Based test of Association Using Extended Rasch Models (pdf)
Wang Wenjia

A Regularisation Path-Following Approach for Discovering Interactions in High-Dimensional Survival Data (pdf)
Dave Duverle, Takeuchi Ichiro, Tsuda Koji

The Causal Mediation Analysis in Genomic Data (pdf)
Malaguti Giulia, Affeldt Séverine, Isambert Hervé

On the robustness of the Generalized Fused Lasso to prior specifications (pdf)
Sophie Lambert-Lacroix, Hölger Hoefling, and Franck Picard

Testing 2 x 2 Association with Uncertain Classification (pdf)
Dijkstra Louis, Schönhuth Alexander

An RNA-Seq read count emission model for transcriptional landscape reconstruction with state-space models (pdf)
Mirauta Bogdan, Nicolas Pierre, Richard Hugues

The leave-p-out estimator of the prediction error as a U-statistic and its asymptotic tests (pdf)
Fuchs Mathias

Of cis, trans, and feedback regulation: Dissecting local regulation in yeast (pdf)
Gagneur Julien, Bader Daniel

Efficient statistical computations on genome-scale data using reduced representations (pdf)
Schliep Alexander, Md Pavel Mamhud.

Selected Posters

P1. Statistical Integration of Genotypic and Phenotypic Data Towards Starter Prediction
Sandrine Laguerre, Amandine Dhaisne, Muriel Cocaign-Bousquet

P2. Cytopathic Effects Influence the Phenotype
Knapp Bettina, Börner Kathleen, Sommer Christoph, Matula Petr, Zhu Chenchen, Glass Bärbel, Schwendener Forkel Diana, Engeland Christine, Kunkel Julian, Brown Nigel, Hermle Johannes, Beil Nina, Beneke Jürgen, Rohr Karl, Lawerenz Christian, Hamprecht Fred, Grimm Dirk, Erlfe Holger, Kaderali Lars, Lehmann Maik, Kräusslich Hans-Georg

P3. An exact method to calculate the expected allelic diversity
Garcia Alberto, De Cara Angeles

P4. Tracts of identity: length distribution, evolutionary history and applications
De Cara Angeles, Austerlitz Frederic, Garcia Cortes Luis Alberto

P5. The impact of agricultural emergence on the genomes of African rainforest hunter-gatherers and agriculturalists
Patin Etienne, Siddle Katherine, Laval Guillaume, Quach Hélène, Harmant Christine, Becker Noémie, Froment Alain, Régnault Béatrice, Lémée Laure, Gravel Simon, Hombert Jean-Marie, Van Der Veen Lolke, Dominy Nathaniel, Perry George, Barreiro Luis, Verdu Paul, Heyer Evelyne, Quintana-Murci Lluis

P6. Statistical properties of the site-frequency spectrum associated with Lambda-coalescents
Eldon Bjarki, Birkner Matthias, Blath Jochen

P7. Synteny Units in Bacteria: A Universal Law Shaped by Selection
Junier Ivan, Rivoire Olivier

P8. Modeling the evolution of gene relationships
Semeria Magali, Guéguen Laurent, Tannier Eric

P9. Meta-analysis of incomplete Microarray Studies
Leboucq Alix, Davison Anthony, Goldstein Darlène

P10. Causal inference of gene expression in a neoadjuvant phase II trial of breast cancer
Ternès Nils, Michiels Stefan, Koscielny Serge, Lanoy Emilie

P11. Polygene Scoring to investigate shared risk genes in disorders comorbid with Major Depressive Disorder
Euesden Jack, Quist Jelmar, Lewis Cathryn

P12. Calling genotypes in pooled samples and polyploid genomes
Raineri Emanuele, Ferretti Luca, Ramos-Onsins Sebastian

P13. Analysis of genomic markers: make it easy with the R package MPAgenomics
Grimonprez Quentin, Celisse Alain, Iovleff Serge, Marot Guillemette

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